Every Sale Starts With A Lead

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Turn every smartphone in your audience (live or virtual) into your personal Point-Of-Sale device.

At any point during your presentation, your audience may be willing to opt-in and connect with you.  Unfortunatly, as fickle and distracted as people are, five minutes after they leave the room they may not remember your name, let alone how to get your offer.

It's sad but true and compleatly unavoidable.

With Text Me Leads, your equiped to capture and automatically follow up with every lead - Automatically!



Share data via mobile
1 Keyword 
1 Webpage
50 SMS credits /mo

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All of the Starter Plan
Connect to funnels
3 Keywords & Webpages
1000 SMS text credits /mo
Video traning library

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All of Professional Plan
We take care of the rest
Have an event, campaign change or question?  
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Celebrity Plan


Everyting in the Pro- Plus
10 Keywords
10 Webpages
3000 SMS credits /mo
Virtual Business Cards

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Text Me Leads (formerly Get My Talk) has been serving the speakers, Authors and Trainers with astounding results for years.  Viewed as one of the best SMS providers when it comes to service, reliability and expert knowledge about mobile lead generation.  

Who We Are

Integrate With Your Existing CRM

Already have an existing CRM and/or Sales Funell?  Add power to your existing sales tools with Mobile Data Capture.  By uing SMS to capture data through mobile can help feed your existing systems fast and start the follow up process before you even get off stage.  Data gets captured.  Emails, digital products and upsell offers are automatically sent out.  You and/or your staff have automatic tasks created to systematize your follow up seqence within your existing systems.  It doesn't get much easier.  

If you don't have a sytem like this already we'd be happy to help you find the right fit for your sale objectives.

Don't believe SMS can help you?

One of our clients belived this but was willing to try it anyway.  He felt he already knew everyone in attendance and he wasn't really selling anything to his audience.  He called our office later to thank us for insisting he try us out.  Although he was not selling anything to his last audiece and he thought he knew everyone, there was one person he didn't know.  That person was able to easily get the speakers information he shared via Text Me Leads.  It was from this information he made a buying desicion and booked our client for a $12,000 speaking event.  Needles to say we now have another raving fan of Text Me Leads.

Not Sure You Need An SMS Solution?

Honestly you could be right.  We can help you navigate this decision.  If you would like to have a fifteen minute consultation based on your needs, objectives and budget to see if Text Me Leads is right for you simply click the button below and schedule a call with us.  Get honest, no sales pressure, council from Mobile Marketing Experts.

Need more information?

If you have more questions that we haven't addressed on this page.  We'd be happy to send you additional information on how others have used SMS to grow thier businesses and bank accounts.

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In my 28 years in the field of professional and personal development, I've seen the need for this excellent program.

-- David M. Corbin, Best Selling Author, Keynot Speaker, Producer

"With Text Me Leads, I realized that I not only increased my sales at the event DURING my talk, but immediately after and now many months after as well.  In my professional career, TML has been one of the biggest leverage tools to immediately connect with my audiences and trasmit value added resouces in real-time."

-- Dr. Jeffery Magee, Human Capital Developer

Feed your Funnel, Make more Money

Real Estate

Flexible Plans
5 Listing codes
5 Listing pages
500 SMS credits /mo
Virtual Business Cards

100% Money Back Guarantee


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Digital Loyalty


Custon Opt-in Coupons
Custom SMS Blasts
Digital Scratch-offs
2500 SMS credits /mo
Ask about POS integration

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We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding what plan would be the best fit for you.  If you don't need this type of service now but want to make sure it's ready to go for a future event let us know and we will make sure you are activated at the right time.

Click the link to schedule a time that works best for you.

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Text Me Leads took my problem on a five minute presentation and turned it into over $14,000 in new business.  This is now a tool I use for all of my clients.  It they aren't using a mobile solution like this they aren't playing the game of business with a full deck.

-- Christopher Wick, SEO and Social Media Specialist

-- Kaylene W., Child Development Rock Star

I used to have to drive people to websites and landing pages at events.  Often I would find the WiFi and/or cell signals were not strong enough for my audience to aquire the data.  With Text Me Leads, even if there isn't enough internet strength, there is almost always enough cell signal to get a text message back and forth.  I get their data and they have a link to click later if needed. Boom! Problem solved!  Thanks guys!


Got A Book To Promote?

Stop dropping bread crumbs!  I've seen it too many times, you may have as well, where an enthusiastic Author starts promoting a new book launch with URL links or how to find it on Amazon.  What works better is to make it so easy for your audience to connect to your book with a link on their phone.  You give one code and they get a link straigt to YOUR book.  Schedule a call with us and ask about this feature.  There are so many ways you can loose your audience when promoting your book.  We can help.

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